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Dynamic IP? See here!


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@ home WebUI & No-IP DUC combination works perfect, i've an ADSL PPPOE connection with a dynamic ip. alternate port 80 listening etc. everything works fine thanks! to utorrent & the webui team :)

(1) BUT @ my office there is this single administrator PC with a hi-speed connection, with windows XP pro (also has a dynamic ip address probably), the rest of the computers (6 clients) are connected by ICS (no hardware router). if I install DUC in any of the LAN pc's the DUC updates its host with the LAN ip. most often i dont have any physical access to the boss's PC, but the hard drives are shared. Is it possible to use WebUI now? If yes, can it be done from the client alone?

ive very limited knowledge about networking. I cannot even tell for sure if the boss's pc connection has a dynamic ip or not

(2) sorry this question is a bit off topic - it is quite obvious that webui will subtract bandwidth while live viewing, but does it effect bandwidth significantly (even ~4 kbps is significant in my case) while webui and alternate port listening is enabled but nobody is viewing?

--- edit ---

ok i read this post just now. explained clear and simple by Lord Alderaan


from what i understood i THINK i can proudly answer my own question. Please correct me if im wrong and if you can suggest some other way please do so, preferably WITHOUT having to physically sit on the boss's pc

-> i've to Port Forward the utorrent port (34736) or the alternate listening port (80) in in the boss's ICS configuration.

AND that makes me ask my final question? HOW?

--- im damn confused!!!!!! ---

--- final edit ---




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I was able to successfully open my Router's admin page while using the Dynamic DNS i have created with No-Ip.

but when i used the ports(The one used for torrent, Forwarded properly, Checked with UTorrent Port checker, got a Green Tick) and tried to access the uTorrent webui using a Chrome i always get a page not found.

Please Help:


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I was having the same problem and i fixed it by generating a new random port. When i put the new random port in my router port forwarding rule, remote webui started working again. I think comcast blocked the port.

So if you can connect locally, but not remotely try a new random port (settings>connection). Be sure to update your router and remote clients (i.e. FireFox webui).

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