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download speed drops : it goes UP & DOWN in a SAW shape


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Hi there,

having this problem is fairly new for me...


running latest utorrent 3.1.3.

torrent is well sourced (+600 seeds)

WIFI connection quality is good/excellent


-when DL is set to unlimited, the speed goes 0-> 600KB/s in flash and drop to 0K then back to 400KB then to 0 every 30-60seconds...

-if i put a speed limit ex: 200 or 300KB/s the DL goes to the limit and stay stable... no up & down...

and during the drop 600-->0K the firefox cannot make any connection!! seems utorrent mess up the whole local internet at home...

what the hell is going on ??

BTW how can i post an image showing utorrent stat page with the SAW shape ??

anyone got the same pb ?

anyone got the solution ?


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Run the Setup Guide, select your upload speed with your ISP and save. See how it is now.


the setup guide put std UL/DL setup...

i've played with max connections & lots of parameters, still i have the issue...

nothing seems wrong, the bandwidth is clear, the I/O disk access are OK, processor OK, downloading 1 torrent at a time...

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