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settings.dat bloats -> slows down uTorrent starting


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I use Win XP SP3. First i've noticed some strange behaviour at 3.2.26850 beta:

a) I could not close the app with File > Exit, i had to kill it with Task Manager. Windows shutdown also hung until the app was switched off.

B) When starting the uTorrent window does not appeared at least for 30 seconds

When i looked at Application Data > uTorrent folder, the settings.dat file was large (16MB or so).

Then i uninstalled 3.2 beta and installed instead.

Unfortunatelly, after some days of usage, the situation become similar; the settings.dat file is 37MB now and i had to wait for 20-30 seconds for the uTorrent window to appear after starting the app.

I believe, that there should be some bug at the setting.dat code, therefore it continuously grows, causing the symptomps described above.

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I have the exact same problem but I don't have a backup of my settings file. :(

My settings file is 74 MB large and it takes five minutes to start µTorrent.

Win7 x64 (using the x86 version of µTorrent).

I have the exact same problem and the only way I knew to handle was to go back to v and at the same time use an older version of settings.dat from my backup disk
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I'm having this issue too. If I rename my c:\users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent folder and restart the same binary, it comes up quickly, but without any of the things I'm seeding.

My settings.dat file is 107MB. This seems to cause uTorrent to use 100% of a core, and churn memory at a high rate, hovering around 560MB of private working set.

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then delete it.

that gets the client running again, but all my seeds are missing. i would like to maintain the files i was seeding, as there were quite a few rare things in there for which i was the only seed.

do you know how i can re-add the seeded torrents if i clear out the problematic settings?

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