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uTorrent making my machine unresponsive


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I've been a long time user of uTorrent, only recently have I had even the slightest problem. I'm using 3.1.2 which is the latest at the time of posting this.

Whenever I hide uTorrent to the tray in my windows 7 64bit system, my machine stops responding for maybe 5 seconds. Then when I try to go to the tray to either close it completely or maximize it, it takes a good 15 seconds for the right-click menu to pop up, and while those 15 seconds are taking place the whole machine is unuseable, I can use my mouse but windows does not handle any other button clicks until the 15 seconds are up and the menu comes up.

I've googled around and not been able to find anyone having the same problem as me. Anyone have any advice? I've tried redownloading the client.

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