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Can't choose separate files to download /Fix: drag the corner


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I'm running the latest version 3.1.3. I've read the magnet links topics but nothing helped me solve my problem.

I have the "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode" checked.

Whatever I download, magnet or not the files won't show to select : 52066372.png

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The only way to download separate files seems to be to start the torrent as full, stop it, go to files tab right click and select don't download.

I liked it the easy way. Any tips? Thank you.

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I think you can also click the little blue arrow tab on the left below "don't show this again" and it will open up the bottom part with the files in. You will see the files on Torrent downloads, but won't see any files on magnet link downloads. Unnecessary files with magnet downloads will need to be stopped in uTorrent itself.

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