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client runs extremely slow when stopped by scheduler


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i have set up a schedule so that my torrents do not run any day i am at my college, but once in a while i open up the client to make sure that it is working properly and the torrents are all stopped. however, during this time when the scheduler is turning the downloads/seeding off, the client itself runs extremely slowly, right-click menus take a long time to initialize and sometimes it freezes when i simply try to close it. luckily it always wakes up so i havent had to do anything drastic, but if anyone has an idea i would love to hear it.

also i am stuck with beta 3.2 build 26986 and it wont update, so if this was fixed in a more recent build just let me know and i will just hover around the bug report topic centered around the update issue. thanks in advance for any help

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