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Checking stage freezing


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I have big download ( about 48GB ). But I need to download only couple of files from it. Disk space is enough for files being downloaded, but not enough for full pack. Unfortunatelly there were too few seeders and before exiting utorrent has downloaded only 50% of both files. On next run utorrent showed that my downloading is on 'checking' stage but percentage counter does not changed over hours (i7 cpu, raptors raid). And.... the program has been frozen when I've tried to stop and to continue this item again. Freeze has happened on pressing 'continue' after successfull 'stop'. After killing utorrent this item became 'stopped' but attempt to run and stop it causes 'freezing' but not always. Some times programm working almost well, but all 'checkings' are not working till next run.

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