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Billy Van - forced download


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Since uninstalling and re-installing uTorrent I am getting a download I did not ask for, Billy Van.

No matter how many times I delete this torrent it just downloads again

I really don't like being forced to download something, and I really am frustrated at how to stop downloading this torrent as it always re-appears.

Let me know how I can remove the Billy Van torrent so that it does not automatically download again. Thanks

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I got this problem too; after downloading uTorrent to a fresh computer and having the [x] yes, i'd love to check out this free download -option checked.

uTorrent downloads the said torrent into %appdata%\uTorrent.

The torrent is started on first startup.

Right-click -> remove -> remove torrent + data


Upon next startup, the torrent appears into the download list again; at least the .torrent file was never deleted from %appdata%\uTorrent.

The Only Way for non-nerd user to remove this ghost free forced-torrent is to uninstall uTorrent and download it again, this time checking that the option is left unchecked in the installer. Another option would be to download another client.....

This will need to be fixed ASAP, and this thread will need moving to bug report forum.

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DreadWingKnight gave you the answer I would think. Did you try his advice?

Also, going into a folder and deleting a few files isn't something that only nerds are capable of doing.

In Win Seven you have to go into your user folder which should be your user name, and then go into folder options and make sure that you can see hidden files and folders.

Then look for a hidden folder named Appdata > Roaming > Utorrent

Deleting stuff in that folder basically resets utorrent, and the reason these problems persist through uninstall is probably because those files never got removed I would guess.

Also, closing down utorrent and searching your entire computer for the .torrent file that spawned that torrent and deleting it might not hurt either.

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