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Prepping Torrent for Seeding


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I don't know when this was changed as I didn't care for it too much to bother. But now it's a bit annoying since I do a lot of seeding as i make releases as a fansubber.

And so when I'm downloading a torrent to Seed, in the past I could just direct the Folder/File to wherever said folder/file is and when I "Force Recheck" it'll check out no problem.

But with the latest Beta of 3.2, when I try to seed a file and redirect it to said folder/file, and then "Force Recheck" it doesn't check out. It'll check out if I either Right-click on the Torrent and select "Advanced -> Set Download Location" OR to just go into the Files tab and then "Relocate".

Is there anyway by chance to revert/change it to be like i twas in the past or am I stuck with this new set up? As it's quite a few extra clicks/steps to do than previously done.

So just seeing if there's anyway to fix that or not.


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i had a similar problem after upgrading my utorrent , but i think i'll live with manually setting up the directories to save utorrent files from now if the problem repeats itself :)

Goodluck , and do tell us about the results after using a stable version.


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