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Adding torrent causing utorent to freeze and then recheck everything


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I have a problem on my XP with utorrent

I have utorrent running When I find a torrent to download it goes through the usual do I want to add it but then nothing happens and the existing utorrent appears to freeze.

after a few minutes I get the message that utorrent seems to be running but not responding and to close all running utorrents. I go to windows task manager and find 2 utorrents running so i close both.

I try the torrent again and after a few minutes I get to the usual add to utorrent screen and it adds ok and usually starts downloading soon.

However it utorrent starts checking all the files that are already downloading including one where I have 30gb out of 55 Gb already downloaded and this seems to take over an hour before they are ready to download.

this is getting very annoying

any help gratefully received

regards Paul

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