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Proposed Icon Design for a Future Release


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Hi all!

I've recently taken on the role as UI designer for UT. One of my first areas of focus has been revisiting the icon design. I've spent most of my time exploring new visual design options for the top bar (play, pause, search, settings, etc..) but I'm also doing some clean-up in the tabs and left column.


I went through numerous iterations and thought this set of understated icons worked best for a couple reasons:

1. The visual style is in-line with the brand's flat & minimalist look & feel. I initially designed some high-gloss versions that I felt didn't fit in as well with the rest of the visual design.

2. These icons do not compete with the most important content: your torrents. They're readable and usable but don't distract you from the important stuff.

Feel free to post comments or suggestions regarding the icons!

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