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Utorrent Crasing continiously , can't find a reason


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Utorrent Won't even run properly for a second after an possible update faliure!

i can't even start the program.. Crash ! *BOOM*

i mean the setup is also creating problems. i uninstalled in an hope to install again to slove the problem but now the setup won't even run ! not responding !

the magic is old torrents are running ! but these new torrents arn't ! i mean why ? why me ? why my computer ? and no, i never use a firewall. firewall is off ! I don't own an nvidia graphics card, so i don't have problems with Graphics drivers either !

so what is the problem ? any solutions ?? Bit-Torrent seems to Run but i have a lot of Not-Downloaded files and i don';t want to lose them

and i also don't wanna use the old torrents ! So any solutions people ? :mad:

And yes take a look at the installer pic ! *NOT RESPONDING*

Link - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Y-25HOxIcgE/T4c_iCw3j8I/AAAAAAAAAEc/Ned0pmYVs6o/s679/utorr%2520prob.jpg

is this because of a virus ?

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