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Gom Player, Winamp or Audio driver problem


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Hi guys!

If i posted this thread in wrong place please move it where needs to be. :)

First of all i just want to say that i`m happy user of your program for a quite some time now (i think since 1.5 version back in 2005-2006. )

I have a curious problem and i wanted to see with you did anyone heard it or seen it before.

At first i was sure that problem is with my system, of hardware, but after reinstalling OS twice (for other reasons, not this one) i pinpointed problem to one thing.

When i play movies with Gom player, or listening music with winamp, and when i`m downloading something with micro torrent, with no obvious reason, or rule when or how it happens, my system starts to freeze. Audio starts to freezes to. I couldn`t pinpoint is it only audio driver that freeze or whole system.

When i pause or stop download everything returns to normal.

At the moment that everything is freezing CPU usage is 20-30%, RAM usage 25%, SWAP usage 15%, so it`s not rogue process or something similar.

System is clean, Avast and Malwarebytes Antimalware once a week go on a scheduled cleaning of my system, and no problems so far with malware.

I think it is not a Gom player/codecs/graphic driver problem since i`ve never experienced it when i just watch movies, or just listen music. Only when i`m doing one of those things and downloading something.

If you need HJT or process explorer logs here they are:



Does anybody have any ideas where to look and what to do to solve this problem?

I have 8/1 Mb/s up/down speed, if that is a factor, but i doubt it...

Did any of you guys ever heard of anything like this?


Zlatko Ovcina,


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