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Hash info about torrent select-able and copy-able


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Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't knew about right click -> copy. Thanks!

Well, You have bigger knowledge about this software, that is for sure, but I can tell You, if it is like You say, then DHT is not working as it should. (I have it enabled for every torrent.)

I am not torrent fanatic etc, but I was downloading 30GB on 1 torrent, It had ~15 trackers. 15hours of downloading, and download speed wasnt even 20% of my maximum (I am sure that there wasnt any other bandwidth consuming by some other program etc, and I am sure that torrent was alive with enough seeders but not enough to get max speed I can). Then I searched for some tips how to increase speed on torrent, and I didnt wanted to change settings as some tutorials suggest, I found it easy to search various sites for torrent I use and use trackers shown there. I did it on sites wich have implemented sha1 hash search and in no time, I got ~100-110 trackers and just in couple minutes I got my speed maximized to the end of downloading.

And one more "proof", just to say THIS HAS NOTHING WITH ADVERTISING!


there is my guide on forum (one I have found on internet somewhere, but I have explained it on my way), how to increase speed, and just check ALL POSTS what other users say about it after adding more trackers...

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