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Trouble re-installing uTorrent after uninstalling 3.2 Beta 27026


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I've had trouble with uTorrent since installing its 3.2 Beta 27026 build, and had decided to uninstall it from the system to install a stable version of uTorrent (3.1.3 build 27060). Uninstallation alone took time for some reason and is deemed difficult. Re-installing uTorrent, apparently, is more troublesome as upon trying to run the installer, the process just gets lock and no installation process takes place. Re-running the installer, just doubles, triples, or more "ples" on the process list as seen on the task manager depending on how many retries have been attempted. I personally didn't run the installation more than 2 times as 2 alone is taking much of the processing power of the CPU (I uses a Windows 7 gadget to monitor it). Note I'm talking about this as an installation issue and not a bug while having uTorrent installed in the system. Anyone got a fix on this?

This is the first time I've encountered this problem since using uTorrent. .

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I tried leaving a uTorrent (installation) process running on the task manager and after some time an installation process pops up prompting for it. I'm not sure what causes this, but prompting for an installation process for this installation is longer than any previous installation attempts I've made with uTorrent before. In the end I was able to install uTorrent again.

What troubles me hereon with uTorrent is the fact that after trying to run uTorrent, the CPU meter on the desktop shows it's using 100% of the processing power of the three cores.

[update 2]

Looking at the motherboard and the CPU's temperature using Speccy software, I noticed both as overheating which might have affected the computer's performance while dealing with uTorrent issues (uninstalling and re-installing).

It's really hot during summer here in the tropic region.

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