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i have a problem can anyone help?


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i downloaded utorrent and i installed it ... and then i put on download a game .. after 2 min of download the game stops downloading and it says "Error: Restricted Acces" .... Can anyone tell me what is the problem?? i have space on my hard disk for that game .... waiting a response at alecs4all@yahoo.com. Thanks

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Hi. The restricted access is not external, it means that uTorrent doesn't like where you are trying to put the files. I believe this worked for me:

1) Stop the torrent

2) R click it in the uTorrent window & select "Advanced/Set Download Location." Confirm the location.

3) R click again. Select 'Force Recheck'

4) I can't recall if it automatically starts after this, but if not, start it.

Oh, one suggestion: In forums you will likely get better response if you

a) Give your post a title naming the problem, not just asking for help

B) Read the FAQs

c) Check for existing posts on your topic


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