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massive speed drops (windows 8 CP x64)


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Not sure if it's my network settings or that i'm using w8 CP

but i'm getting massive torrent speed drops :

as shown on the speed graph: http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t404/kawaiitenshiAMV/massivedrop.png

both torrents are running for 3 hours and the speed is going like that all the time

tried all settings in the guide for my ISP speed ( what is UP: 205 KB/s DOWN: 1300 KB/s) according to speedtest.net

anyone an idea why it's so unstable?

have speed drops from 1.3 MB/s to 12 KB/s every 2 minutes or so is getting annoying

same with that it just connects to 1/100th of the peers and seeds!!!

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settings: http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t404/kawaiitenshiAMV/speeddrop.png

speedtest.net: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1894408277.png

hope this clears stuff up a bit.

before i read your message the speed was at 1.4 MB/s on the torrent and 1 minute later it dropped to 1/ KB/s staying at that for 5 minutes then increased to 23 Kb/s and dropped again > went to 1.0 MB/s and again the drop to 10 Kb/s

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ok i switched those.. guess i placed them at the wrong spot..can happen when using a different language

at the moment the speed is still going between 20 KB/s and 1.4 MB/s every minute with still only 1/100th of the peers/seeds connecting ... firewalls are not blocking...router is not blocking ... ISP is not shaping..

any idea?

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