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utorrent freezing


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Running Windows 7 64

utorrent versions with this issue: 3.1.3 build 27060 - 3.2 Beta build 27026 (32 bit)

no firewall software

no antivirus

(was only for testing)

I've been scratching my head over this for about a week now. utorrent has been crashing constantly (at least 3-4 times a day) I thought it might be do to a couple of things, but everytime I switched different settings to default, it continued happening.

Things I was doing to fix this, or things I changed from the default settings that could be the problem.

1. downloading directly to network drive. - usually resulted in disk overload / freezing, so I changed it to the local drive. Freezing / crashing still persists.

2. Move completed files to network drive. - caused utorrent to crash when large files were transferred to network drive (possible issue: magnet link for next torrent was being processed, and caused some problem? I don't know)

3. changed the default cache settings - I changed these from the default setting, and then back again, but this has not helped.

4. Pre-Allocate all files - After checking out the sticky posts in this forum, I checked this box, but the problem is still persisting. I also have the other settings configured like was outlined in the sticky posts.

5. Allow only 5, 4 and now 3 torrents to download at a time. I tried this to limit the amount of memory needed for utorrent to run. I limited the size of torrents thinking that maybe having 7 or 8 torrents could be causing a problem. It is still locking up with 3 torrents total size for them combined is 1.94GB.

I've really had nothing work for me with these issues. If anyone could help, I'm not sure what info I need to provide.

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not skipping files, just trying to grab the whole torrent.

diskio.use_partfile is set to true

I just did the purge of both files in appdata\roaming\utorrent I will let you know if this fixed it. Thanks for the tip, I hope this fixes it. I was looking in appdata local, but didn't see the files when I was trying to fix this earlier. Should have looked a little better -_-

Thanks again, and I will update this if it fixes the issue.

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DreadWingKnight, thank you for helping me out. It had to be those files you had me delete. I've been up and running for 5 hours and no freezing. Everything I was doing before works perfectly now, and more importantly - I'm able to have utorrent send the completed torrents to my NAS without issue as well.


I just wanted to come back and say thanks.to DreadWingKnight

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