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auto-add of torrent and magnets not working

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I've been using the 2.0.2 beta very happily on OS X 10.5.8 the last few weeks and last night followed the forum advice and upgraded to v1.6.2.

Previously when I was looking at torrent or magnets (say on EZTV.it) I'd click on one, be prompted to open (with utorrent) or save the file. If I selected open (default), the utorrent app would start and the dialogue to add the magnet or torrent would appear, hit [enter] to accept and there it was queued and ready to go...

With 1.6.2 nothing happens - the torrent files are placed in the directory I specified, but no dialogue appears at all for adding a new torrent. Worse, if clicking on a magnet link - nothing. However if I copy the link and click "open URL" it is pre-populated and then works. Likewise clicking on the "add" button lets me add the torrent files (that used to be automatic when clicking on their URL)...

Looking at the stderr.log file - I noticed a couple of interesting things - one the ad, but the last 2 lines in this list being the most relevant:

2012-04-15 14:41:39.879 uTorrent[747:20b] Could not connect the action clickPromoBox: to target of class SidebarController

2012-04-15 14:41:39.880 uTorrent[747:20b] Could not connect the action closePromoBox: to target of class SidebarController

2012-04-15 14:41:39.880 uTorrent[747:20b] Could not connect the action closePromtWindow: to target of class MainWindowController

2012-04-15 14:41:40.213 uTorrent[747:20b] Unable to parse the format string "(kMDItemFSName ==[c] 'RockMelt.app')"

2012-04-15 14:41:48.647 uTorrent[747:20b] Adding url magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9F50221C058413699C57CFF33B63971DF2D388E5&dn=BBC.The.Adventure.Show.2012.Climbing.No.Limits.PDTV.x264.AAC-MVGroup&tr=http://www.mvgroup.org:2710/announce&tr=udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce&tr=http://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce to rememberedStartupURLs array

2012-04-15 14:41:58.895 uTorrent[747:20b] Cannot remove an observer <AppDelegate 0x359a20> for the key path "autoAddTorrentFiles" from <PrefsController 0x359f40> because it is not registered as an observer.

Note the error around adding the .torrent, but what seems to be a successful add of the magnet (but nothing shows in the client or as a dialogue).

Any light that can be shed, workaround suggested or other help is greatly appreciated.

btw - I also do not have any thing showing up about "Share" either.


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...as an addenda to the above...

I just grabbed and installed the v1.6.2 beta.

The v1.6.2 beta does work as expected (like v2.0.2beta) - even though it does pop-up the advertisement.

With utorrent not running, clicking on a torrent or magnet link in the browser fires it up and presents the relevant dialogue box to add it...

I hope that helps you narrow down the changes that broke this functionality in the stable release.


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I have a MacBook with the OS system. I downloaded utorrent so I could download movies and tv shoes from Pirate Bay, but PB has recently changed all their files to magnet files, and I get an error message that Safari doesn't support magnet files. From my internet searches I see that Pirate Bay recently changed all their files from torrent files to magnet files. Is there a way around this?


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