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Refusing fast seed, locking on slowest seed


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A friend reports this issue (Dog and Cat are the computer names):


Copying something from Dog to Cat via uTorrent. Dog has

the old 2.2.1, Cat the newest one. Started off fine, but then dropped

off. Without stopping and restarting the download, it wouldn't download

anymore. I restarted it, it downloaded a bit more, then stopped again

and decided that the nice 5k/s seed was far sexier than my GIGABIT seed.

Stopped, restarted, nothing. Restart program, does a bit more and then

ignores me. Disconnect from the Internet so the only seed is Dog,

downloads a bit and then gives up, no seeds.

Copied Dog's uTorrent v2.2.1 over to Cat, worked FINE.


Sorry I don't have any more info than that.

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Evidently not, he would have mentioned it.

(We both have a lot of experience at software testing in a pro environment, so we notice stuff like that.)

From our further discussion of the issue:


> You mean it was pilfering from online while it was also sending from D to C?


Yeah, it always does that. But now instead of just starting a random

piece or two online before it got the idea, it was deliberately ignoring

the main seed even when I manually added it as a peer.


Side thought: I have a very limited connection and can't seed stuff for very long, but sometimes there's a peer sitting there with flags for "wants data" but they're not taking any. I wish there was a way to notify a peer, "Hey, over here, take some from me before I have to shut it down!" especially with rare files that have been difficult to complete.

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An update from my friend:


Okay, let's try this. Unwilling to dick about with Cat further, I

decided I'd try it the other way. I renamed my uTorrent folder in

Appdata on Dog so it wouldn't interfere, and installed the

offending uTorrent version. I fed it a torrent Cat was seeding but

whose tracker has since IIRC died. Made sure peer discovery and DHT and

all that were on for both. Cat's not limiting peer bandwidth.

See attachment (3, for version number), after about 2 minutes. The

torrent was about 1/5th downloaded from Internet seeds and it STILL

hasn't seen Cat. (No idea who those mystery local peers are.)

Though after I added manually it it did at least stay this time until I

quit for sake of trying not to leech.

Conversely, using the 2.x uTorrent I normally use (see 2.gif). About

half the time until I took the screenshot and Cat popped up by itself.

Same PC, about five minutes apart.


I don't see a way to attach the screenshots but the significant difference is:

v2, Local Peer Discovery shows 1 Seed and 2 Peers

v3, Local Peer Discovery shows 0 Seeds and 3 Peers.

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