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The Search Bar is terrible.


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Hey there, I just switched from Transmission to uTorrent in preparation for my getting a new computer (and switching to Windows, eventually), and one feature of Transmission's that I really, really liked was using the Search bar to filter torrents. Having it use Bing to search the internet is a ridiculous and unnecessary feature... for anyone who actually uses the internet... you know, ever.

So, is there any way to change its functionality? When I type in the search bar, I want to find torrents that I already have-- which consists of about 560, so it helps to have something to sift through them more easily. I don't use public trackers because I don't like DMCA violations, so the Search Bar, in its current state, is functionally useless.

What do?

Edit: This is posted in the feature request section on the chance that if it's not customizable in any way, it'd be a HUUUGE step up from what it is if it could do the aforementioned rather than being... Bing.

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