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Memory Leak Problem


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Probably after updating to the latest beta I started having some problems running the program.

First, when I run it, it'll start leaking memory without the window not even being open.



It'll stay there for a while without making the window appear.

As you can see, I disabled Avast for the screens so you could see it's not an Antivirus problem (I'm guessing).

Now, last night I was able to make the program window to appear, I launched it and left it in that memory leaking stage and when I woke up the window was there. From the Logging tab, I think uTorrent appeared 40 minutes after I launched it.

Dunno what to do... help is appreciated.

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I'm having this issue as well. (actually much worse with the memory allocated getting over 1GB)

It will also get into a state where it's constantly using CPU and hangs all the time.

I've deleted my settings.dat and settings.dat.old files.

We'll see if that fixes things

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I did the same and the issue went away.

My settings.dat wasn't even large.

There seems to be a known bug in utorrent which causes settings.dat to get corrupted..

assumingly this happens sometimes when migrating from version to version.

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