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Transfer Cap (Upload only) Not working.


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I know this worked a build or two ago, but with the latest (both x32 and x64) it seems to be broken and selecting "upload" transfer cap basically enables "Download+Upload".

I get angry letters from my isp (in Japanese) if I happen to go over 30GB/day in p2p uploads only.

At the moment I'm getting about 22gb downloaded and about 2gb uploaded before the transfer cap kicks in.

Anyone got a solution for this, or at the least, links to the older builds to download?


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What build are you using?

I am using -- 2011-03-08: Version 3.0 alpha (build 25053), with the WebUI v0.386.

If I check the check box for Enable Transfer Cap, I can select, Uploads, Downloads, or Uploads and Downloads for the Limit Type. That isn't working for you?

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