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GUI - Lables Display Bug


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I have selected Lables (12) but only two torrents appear in the display window. This is a bug, all twelve torrents should be displayed but only the two from my RSS feed are displayed.

uTorrent 3.1.2

Windows 7 32bit

uTorrent 2.21 did not have this bug.

---------- Edit ----------

Turns out uT 3.0 is ok and this bug is actually new to 3.1.x

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3.1.3 is the latest version

Seriously, why would you reply with some brush off comment like that? You didn't even bother to check if it still exists in the latest version. Well I did and I can say it still happening with 3.1.3 and with the latest beta 3.2.

Label a few torrents and see which appear under the main category labels.

There are two was to mitigate this:

1. If you want the main labels category to only show labelled torrents then you need to change the value displayed. Labels (x) needs to be modified to Labels (y) where y = x - No Labels (x)


2. You need to revert back to the way it was in 1.7.x - 2.2.1, the main Labels (x) category showed all torrents including unlabelled torrents.

Currently, as is, this is a bug; you are saying to the user that x torrents should be displayed by this category but what is actually displayed is less than that. Consistency is the best way to keep a UI simple and you are breaking it.

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