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GUI - Category Selection Display Bug


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Initially, I had nothing selected and was viewing Completed (12).The image shows a right click on Seeding (2), but the display view has not updated and is showing a complete selection of twelve torrents. The right click event needs to be modified to update the display of a new category.

Also displaying complete selection as an alternating pattern is confusing for a UI that is supposed to be intuitive. Change it back to complete selection when right clicking on a category. I consider this to be a really bad bug especially for new users.

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It’s great to see that there has been an attempt to rectify this bug in 3.2 Beta build 27191, however, it is still not functioning correctly. The select all action is executed before the category updates and hence the selection is incorrect in many cases. To rectify this completely, the order of events needs to be:

On Right Click -> Update Category -> Select All (Active Category) -> Display right click menu

Also as I mentioned in my initial post, the alternate coloured select all makes it all the more confusing and should be changed back to uniform selection.

Alternate list background color [X] should only effect the background and not the selection.

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