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Announce/Scrape GET info_hash encoding (read the manual,please help)


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I am trying to understand how to make Scrape and Announce requests to the trackers. I have read the following documentation:




and all looks fine except one thing:

For a 20-byte hash of \x12\x34\x56\x78\x9a\xbc\xde\xf1\x23\x45\x67\x89\xab\xcd\xef\x12\x34\x56\x78\x9a,

The right encoded form is %124Vx%9A%BC%DE%F1%23Eg%89%AB%CD%EF%124Vx%9A

How come the this part of the hash "\x12\x34\x56\x78" is translated to some strange %124Vx rather then simply to "%12%34%56%78". In the URI specification it explicitly says (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1738.html) that the encoding is %nn with the n being the hex. How come these 4 bytes are translated to a %124Vx, which actually violates the %nn specification?

Can you please tell me where can I find a full specification how to encode that, and best if you could tell me if there any libraries in C# which do that.

Thank you in advance,

Josef Habdank

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