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No incoming connections


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Hi All Its making me pull my hair out

The same thing has started to happen to me over the last 5 days or so . Because I use off peak I only download after 12 so iv not really noticed it till just the last couple of days.. Today Iv done the Check where it does the port checking which is fine but it shows the 10060 error as if there is no bandwidth and I get a orange cross. But one thing I noticed this morning while I was doing the check It actually started to kick start the downloads Iv also seen the orange triangle in the bottom right hand corner?

So Just to confirm

I can add torrents to U Torrent. They show up OK and show the seeds But that is far as it goes it just sits there with no download happening at all and I have not touched anything at all over the last few years.

Anyway I have now downloaded the 3.2 and loaded and am running but it is exactly the same no connections or downloads..

Any help or suggestions please

Regs OSH

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Hi All

Im using AVG but have not updated it for a couple of month but the problems have only started in these last week or so. I know that when you do the setup test I get the 100060 error for the band with even though it then goes on an validates the network.. Its as if the PC is looking into a void but its attached to nothing at all...By the way Iv set U Torrent up on 2 PCs I a complete new install and it shows exactly the same thing.. Is there any way other than with U Torrent to check if you are getting P"P down the line?


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