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What is this "Privacy Safeguard"?


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I was installing utorrent today and was offered to install Privacy Safeguard. Because "utorrent recommends" it.

But Web of Trust has nothing on it and I couldn't find much else about it. Apparently it is a very new program, so there's no word on how reliable it is. I read through the EULA, it seemed alright, and I installed it. But I'm just a bit uncertain.

Why does utorrent recommend it? Have any of you seen what I'm talking about?

It seems weird for it to not be trustworthy, since utorrent is good too, but you never know...so I just wanted to ask.... Thanks :cool:

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I am NOT happy with the advertisments. I guess it's too early to judge but I haven't seen anything yet that I would want to download advertised. I also don't like the "Instant Download" button. I'd rather have a "More Information" button which would give me a chance to accept or refuse the download in case I accidently click on it.

uTorrent has been my torrent client for years but I am looking for an alternate. uTorrent Plus, the paid version that hopefully doesn't have ads, has antivirus built in that I assume will conflict with the antivirus program that I use (Norton 360).

I use Windows 7 and have LOTS of memory and hard drive space so the small size of uTorrent is not an issue. I have been using it because many trackers recommend it. Does anyone know of an ad-free tracker (free or not) that works well with all or most of the music trading trackers?


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Not a good idea, I don't trust it, read the EULA they do exactly what they claim to stop.

Then I found this:

Attack Symptoms of Privacy SafeGuard Hijacker Browser Redirect!

"It resists all the procedures and methods of its removal.

It displays several annoying popup and adverts while user surfs the web.

It installs itself or gets in to the user’s PC without their consent.

It may hijack, redirect and change user’s browser and internet settings.

It paves path for the other spywares/adware to the PC.

It steals valuable critical user data and sends it to any unreliable source.

It degrades PC’s performance and makes it work really slow and sluggish.

And so on."

Read more plus how to remove,


P.S. I'm not sure I trust this link but its the closest to a REVIEW I could find, I don't recommend you anything from them either.

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