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Shutting down uTorrent


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I am currently using uTorrent 3.2 Beta, the 27026 build but with this build (as well as the previous one) I've been having a very strange issue: uTorrent rarely actually shuts down.

What I mean is that if I go to File > Exit, uTorrent has a very big lag in dissappearing from Task Manager's list of running processes, but most often it doesn't dissappear at all (just remains there, apparently running) yet the UI seems to unload and then I have no means of interacting with uTorrent.

If I try to start uTorrent again, nothing happens (before I would get a pop-up saying that uTorrent is already running but it doesn't happen now).

If I simply shutdown my computer at this point, then the next time I boot uTorrent starts checking my torrent files as if it were forcibly shut down.

If I end the process from Task Manager then it obviously does the same thing (starts a check of my files).

If instead of choosing File > Exit I simply shut down the computer in the first place, again it will do a check of my torrents next time it starts.

Does anyone have any idea if there's a workaround for this issue? Apparently re-installing the Beta build doesn't help.

Edit: I have a vague impression that the lag might have smtg to do with the size of the torrents in the queue. At present I have two torrents: one of 78Gb and one of 120Gb. Also, the operations I do on downloaded items don't seem to be taken into account: if I remove a finished torrent from seeding, it's still there when I manage to reopen uTorrent after this issue has taken place.

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utorrent notifys all trackers that you are connected to of your current ratios at time you stop seeding or downloading. That takes time - depending on the number of trackers. It has nothing to do with the size of the torrent - with the exception that it needs to flush the cash. But I suspect it is the tracker reporting that is taking the time. Remember sometimes you get tracker errors (timeouts). If the same tracker that times out is in all your current active torrents - wow. I do not know if utorrent keeps a global list of tracker errors when shutting down so it can know to NOT try to send statistics to the same tracker if the previous send got an error.

Killing utorrent is not a good idea. It takes a lot longer to get up to speed - because of the force rechecks. And that is when the size of the torrent matters.

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