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seed problem?


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hey.i was seed 25-30gbs but my upload looks in zamunda 3mbs.

how can i solve it?

i have used my friend's account.nowadays zamunda opened member register and i registered new account.i have deleted cookies of my friend's account from google chrome.

how can i solve it? my english is bad, sorry.

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hey.i found my problem.

i have accounts like 111 and 222.i have downloaded oblivion using 111 account.and i created 222 acount but my uploads doesnt seeing 222 account.

i found it in "trackers" tab.

like, my account tracker codes 111=asdasd 222=fghfgh.

i deleted 111 account's tracker code and replaced 222's tracker code.but it isnt uploading :/


tracking code changed torrents is "not allowed" but non changed torrents good uploading :S

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