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utorrent deleted all my downloads/torrents


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I have been using utorrent for years now without many issues. The one main issue I tend to come across is that if you download the series of videos TorrentX and it gets saved to, say, C:\Downloads\TorrentX then load up that same torrent again, saving to the same location (e.g. if one of the videos was corrupted or did not finish) - uTorrent overwrites the entire directory TorrentX and thus deletes all your previous download progress (particularly with magnetic links). Anyway, that's not my issue here.

I started downloading a few .torrents, went to my C:\Downloads\ directory (the default save directory for my uTorrent) and found that all my completed downloads had been deleted. The only remaining directories were for those torrents that were currently being downloaded.

Checked my Recycle Bin and they (around 100 files) weren't there. What's doubley interesting is that if I were to delete those files myself they would have taken a few minutes at least to delete, but this happened instantaneously.

Very upset that all my downloads have disappeared, and this can only be due to uTorrent as that was all I was doing at the time - adding new torrents.

I cannot (and don't want to!) replicate the error.

NB: I am able to recover some of the files using File Recovery tools but the majority are lost.



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