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uTorrent is duplicating all torrents in the list


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First let me say thank you for any assistance with this, it is greatly appreciated.

Admittedly, I have been messing with the settings in uTorrent following speed advice here in the forums. I know from past experience that tweaking the settings usually offers me substantial speed benefits.

I had just days a go reloaded Windows 7 from scratch and once I had uTorrent (my favorite torrent client by the way, thank you developers!) installed I figured I would tweak it before I got to the file gobbling.

It seems to run great, I download up to 3MB (yes big B for bytes not small b for bits) on a single file and upload as much as 500KB at a time. I did have some traffic jam issues that I have for the most part fixed but for some reason every torrent that I have added shows up twice in the list. Same name, same file download location, same save location... but it shows up twice with different seed/peer info and with a different queue number. Even if I remove one of the duplicate listed torrents (or all of them as I have done) when I restart uTorrent they come right back. On top of this the duplicate list names trade places as they download which lends to a strobe like effect on the download speed numbers. It's driving me batty! Can someone please tell me why this is showing up like this and how I can make it list each torrent only once?

Thanks again in advance,


P.S.: As a note, I am using uTorrent v. 3.1.3 and have attempted to reinstall as well as reset all settings back to default. Both without improvement to the situation.

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