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moving from uT 2.* to 3.* - a few questions/concerns


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I am a long time utorrent 2.2 user ...just trying out the latest (3.1.3) version, and I have a few questions:

1) I always use in portable mode, from a mounted disk (not USB drive) .... in the new version, there is always a warning on startup "be sure to exit utorrent before you unplug the USB drive" - can this please be switched off?

2) I have noticed two new folders created in utorrents folder, "cache" and "temp". What are these used for and can they be disabled? Because I use an SSD/and for speed, I use a RAMdisk for all my temp files....besides, utorrent should just use the "put new downloads in" directory for all temp files...as before.

3) I have all options referring to BTapps disabled under the advanced settings...I just dont need them. Likewise, I have the updates checking disabled. However, everytime utorrent is started there is an outbound connection...and some data is transferred (obviously I am referring to a clean uT with no torrents added). What exactly is this about? I prefer my apps not do any connections unless explicitly set.


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