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Various Problems with UT 3.1.3 [27096] & VPN


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Sorry for this long first post but I have a number of issues/problems which are probably related.

I am using the latest build on a headless WHS (not as a service) with a HMA vpn connection.

The problem is that if the vpn changes the external IP (changes server), quite often uT will stop updating the DHT connections or remove them altogether and just sit there with DHT waiting to logon message.

The only way around I know, is to stop uT and restart at which uT will start operating again np.

However this brings up a number of other problems.

  1. Some of the torrents (usually the ones that are actively downloading) seem to forget their download location.
    If I ask for a recheck nothing happens until I point the torrent to its correct folder.
    This will recheck ok but it seems to then forget about any skipped files I may have selected.
  2. A number of files which have been completed will appear in my download list with the error message - Cannot open the torrent file (or something similar).
    The only way I know of correcting this is to write down the names of the selected torrents - remove them - and re-install them.
    however this seems to destroy all the stats associated with that torrent eg ratio etc (not very good with private trackers :( )
  3. I also just get some torrents just disappear :o eg they were seeding but now not.
    I only know this from checking my private torrent site and realise that/those torrent(s) are no longer active and not queued. So again add torrent and recheck.

I also notice that a number of torrents appear to be duplicated eg foobar.torrent, foobar.1.torrent

So which one should I select when restarting ?

I have my torrents directories set up as:-

Store torrents in:


Move torrents for completed jobs to:


Automatically load torrents from:

D:\shares\Downloads\_Torrents\New Torrents

Delete loaded torrents ticked

Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received :)

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