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How to get new torrent started?


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I'm brand new to uploading torrents, so this is probably a very obvious mistake to you regulars.

I uploaded a torrent to Pirate Bay. My first step, selected Create New Torrent, selected my file. It created the torrent. I clicked on "Start Seeding". After uploading, I also downloaded the torrent (several threads suggested that). After a day, nobody had downloaded anything. I decided to test it by downloading from Pirate Bay onto another computer. Once it started downloading to my other computer, suddenly, there were 30 peers. It completed everybody's seeds overnight. Once it downloaded to the other computer, it seemed to work fine on the originating computer. In fact, the same thing happened with the other 2 things I had uploaded (much smaller files).

Ok. So what step am I missing? Not everybody has 2 computers and given that the 'other' computer is a netbook with limited space, I can't always use that. So, while my workaround was successful, I'm sure it's probably not what was intended. How do I get it to seed from the originating computer? Try not to be too technical (I get confused). Thanks!!

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