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Newbie needs help


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New to this. Do not know what I am doing -- just following whatever seems intuitively obvious. But not getting very far. Did manage to actually download and open and use the contents of my first torrent. But mostly I only get as far as download starting like expected, but then stops at about 2% -- and never starts again. Seems to create the file structure and put files into the folders -- but no useable content.

So, my fault? Doing something wrong? Missing some subtle but essential step? The most recent one that this has happened with is "Unbrainwash.torrent" that seems to be available on a number of sites -- but fails at same point (2.2%) no matter which site I go to.

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Thanks for the info. I'll do some homework.

Ok. Took your help to heart and have studied About.com's 4-part Bittorrents 101 and Howstuffworks' "How BitTorrent Works" and now know a little better what I really want to know but didn't get in the tutorials or available online FAQs.

I would like more detailed explanation of some elements of the process. Can you help, or at least point me to where answers to the following type of questions might be available.

1. Does it matter which downloader software I use -- such as uTorrent or BitTorrent?

1a. If I use uTorrent, can users of other downloaders 'see' and get torrents I got using BitTorrent?

1b. Do I get credit for 'seeding' in the overall system, or only with the downloader I used?

2. Does the downloader create the folder and file structure before the actual download of content begins? The genesis of that question comes from fact that there is a torrent that I tried to download that went through all the preparation steps, but not the actual download (stops at 2.2%). However, when I used the "go to file location" option I found that the folder and all files were listed (including all normal Explorer-type details such as name, type, size, date, etc.)even though no actual download had occurred and the files were not useable (they were suppowsed to be a collection of epub, pdf, mobi, etc.).

3. Some torrents I have downloaded go through all steps to "Finished." Some complete downloading, but never get past "Seeding," no matter how long I leave it open. Some get started and go most of the way (to as much as 70-80%) then fail to complete -- but the portion that was dowloaded was useable.

3a. Can you help me understand what is going on here?

3b. How does another user's downloader know I have (or had) a particular torrent; but especially, how does it know where it is on my HD?

3c. And what if I move it to a location other than where it was originally dowloaded to?

3d. And what happens if I delete the file altogether?

3e. Are downloads that marked as "Finished" in the downloader's file list still available to others if I leave the program runing, like overnight?

4. I have downloaded hundreds of ebooks -- but have no idea of whether they all are actually in the public domain or are still copyrighted somewhere. Can I assume that some screening took place somewhere in the system and have some confidence that the material is legitimate for me to use?

5. Many of the ebooks were received in pretty crappy shape and required many hours of my time editing them using Sigil and Calibre to put them in good (like new) eReader shape. Can I make the edited versions available to others, who I am sure would appreciate having what I have wrought, even though I am not sure if they are legitimate to have and/or redistribute?

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1. nope

1a nope

1b per downloader

2 μTorrent creates file structure before download (default; can be changed in advanced settings)

3a. complete seeding can take days/weeks depending on who's interested in the file(s). E.G.: Suppose there is some media coverage about a torrent Anonymous posted: 1000's of people will download/seed.

Suppose you only start downloading 4 weeks after the coverage; no one is interested any more: downloading will be extremely slow (small number of seeders) and upload will take years (no downloaders any more)

3b. It doesn't. μTorrent knows and puts it in the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) the moment you start the application. (or start seeding the file)

3c. Depends on how you move the file:

A/ If you move it within μTorrent (right-click on torrent file: the rest is obvious) it will know.

B/ If you move it outside of μTorrent (using Windows/OS-X/Linux), the torrent is broken as far as μTorrent is concerned)

3d See 3c. :cool:

3e only if you "force start" (Right-click on torrent file: obvious)

4. nope.

5. Yes! Off course! Just hit "Ctrl+N" in μTorrent

Sorry for replying late. Have been busy with other stuff...

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