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Lots and Lots of problems !!


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OS :- windows server 2008 R2 standard.

Ram :- 24gb

Intel Xeon CPU W3530 @2.8ghz

uTORRENT version :- 2.2.1 (build 25302)

I have tried max. solutions available at net but not any problems got solved!

ok here goes my problems :-

- utorrent taking like 1.8gb of RAM (saw from task manager )

- utorrent showing :- Disk Overload 100% which reducing my speeds to 10kb/s automatically crashing ofc.

- Not getting above like 15mb/s where as my line is 1gbps and i have seen speeds like 95mb/s for both uploading/downloading in deluge.

- seeding more torrents = crash ! i have even seeded like 1700 torrents + in home conn. ! but never got any problem like this :s BTW atm seeding only 20 torrents.

Mine is an ovh server ! and is ofc capable of giving like 100mb./s as its a gbps line with 4tb of HDD

solutions i have tried from Google and various other forums

tried pre allocate files - makes no diff.

tried overriding cache to like 1700mb but it always then takes like 1.7gb of ram and then just crashes !

tried changing diskio.max_write_queue in advanced menu to 1500 (default is 32) still didn't solved a shit ! and then i reversed the settings ofc.

also tried uncheck reduce memory usuage when cache is not needed. still didnt helped.

tried upgrading utorrent to latest stable - didnt helped , then downgraded to many versions ( with full uninstall and deleting reg/settings ofc ) didnt helped !

now whenever utorrent starts downloading with speeds like 10mb/s-15mb/s , utorrent (from 50mb ram ) starts taking 1.7gb of ram , and then ofc utorrent crashing.

don;t tell me , may be m downloaing big torrent . meh. i have tried , torrents from like 500mb to 2gb , to 10 to 40gb to 150gb + torrents ! . same error's , disk overloaded , ram 1.8gb using , crashing , and the latest was problem was "Not enough memory available to complete this operation" in General tab ! which makes the torrent red and then DEAD !

i am really getting sicked by this things >.<

any "Good" support will rly be appreciated.

thou i still doubt my problem will be any solved :s because this issue is all over the net , with hundreds of replies , but not any reply which solves this problem.


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I did the same thing to my machine, deleted the settings data files disabled diskio.partfile. I also experienced huge speed losses and my resource monitor is telling my hard drive is still going 100%.

The positive thing is that uTorrent hasn't frozen my system complety(at least not yet), which it has been doing for the past 2-3 years.

Could you devs perhaps make a sticky post about these disk overload problems, where you explain what is the cause of the problem(at least what you presume is the problem), and make list of things you can try to do to fix the problem.

P.S While I was writing this post uTorrent gave me Element Not Found.....whats that about?

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You are using version 2.2.1 - You do realise they do not support that version any longer. Complaining about problems in that version is a waste of time. Upgrade tot he latest stable or go beta. You may or may not experience the same problem but at least you complaining about a version they are trying to fix.

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if you read my original first post dude , i have already mentioned that i have tried to upgrade to latest stable too , some 3.xx version but it was showing me the same problems. thats why i downgraded to a most said stable version for all torrent sites , called 2.2.1

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Those cache settings suck. Larger cache ain't better.

well if you know they suck , why don;t u suggest me some good settings ?

and anyways i have deteled the settings.dat and settings.dat.old so my all settings are default , and i havent changed anything yet.

so suggestions ? so that i can get the max out of my gbps server ( like around 40mb/s~ for both up/down ) and don;t tell me speeds depends on seeders/leechers , because the site i am at , i only leech the latest torrent where max uploads done by the uploaders are via France ovh server only.

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Well, for one, unless you have a RAID or an SSD, you're not going to get 40mbyte/s off a single disk with torrents. :P

thou , don't have a SSD . but i have tried to copy/paste files in my HDD and i get like 40mb-50mb/s in it , so surely my HDD is capable of writing above 40mb/s , the problem now is , that utorrent with @4mb/s is giving disk overload problem ? so basically u mean to say that my HDD cant even write above 4mb/s lol ? i doubt that.

I'd uncheck the two bypass Windows cache options. And turn off write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes.

i didn't get u here , what options to uncheck ? can you please make a screenshot and let me know what to uncheck ?

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do you realize that you upload in deluge with 32MB/s?!? wow (I have ADSL with a HW cap at less than 100kB/s) ... disk is not full, fragmented? maybe you have to uncheck imediately write pieces, or play a little with coalesce_write, try to toggle flush_files too.

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