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Vbscripts for automated torrent handling, plus XBMC-library update


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This is one script for automatic unpacking of finished torrents and update of XBMC-library.

And another one for removing finished torrents.

Nothing too fancy, just figured someone other than me might find 'em useful...

I figured I had a need for this after getting a Galaxy Tab and realized the benefits of controlling both uTorrent and XBMC with it and then not wanting to have to bring out a mouse every now and then to unpack and remove torrents...

Anyway, here are the scripts:



I've commented instructions inside the scripts. Username, password, port and directories has to be changed to yours off course... I don't really have a plan for this, as stated before, just thought it might come in handy to someone out there so enjoy!

Although I'll gladly accept any comments or ideas...

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Allright so it's time an update. Or new version or beta or whatever. Acctualy I think there might have been some kind of error in format of those other scripts in the beginning, I was editting them on the Tab and it seems it uses another ASCII-table or something than my computer. That is corrected now by the way.

Anyway, I figured I didn't realy need two scripts for these functions so I made a new one that seems to be running just fine. So far...

So here is the link:


And just like last once you have edit them a little to set your usernames and passwords for both uTorrent and XBMC. Also drive-letters and path's and what-not.

Also the command-line parameters are updated a bit. I put some comments in the beginning just as a reminder of wich is what while editing the file. The command-line looks like this now:

script.vbs" "%S" "%P" "%M" "%N" "%D" %I

And it is to be run when torrent change status by the way...

So enjoy... I guess ;P

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Here is the code for sending email using stunnel and Blat. Put this at the end of the remove script

Dim SmtpServer

Dim EmailSender, EmailRecipient, EmailSubject

Dim EmailClient

' Set your preferences here *

' if running on the same machine smtpserver will be below otherwise point it to stunnel installation

SmtpServer = ""

EmailSender = "sender@whatever.com"

EmailRecipient = "recipient@whatever.com"

EmailSubject = "Your Subject"

EmailClient = "C:\scripts\blat.exe"

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WshShell.Run EmailClient & " - -body " & WScript.Arguments(1)& " -server " & SmtpServer & " -f " & EmailSender & " -subject " & chr(34) & EmailSubject & chr(34) & " -to " & EmailRecipient, 0

Hope this helps someone :)

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