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Closed By Peer/Refused By Target Machine Error on 3.1.3


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I've been using uTorrent on one of my computers for half a year now. My university doesn't like bittorrent so I've been using a proxy and peerblock so I could get by with it. It's been working on that computer without fail all this time. However, I decided recently to install uTorrent on a new computer I built recently as I wasn't getting the most out of my bandwidth. I installed the clinet, peerblocker and the same proxy I always use. It was working fine for 3 days and getting speeds of 6Mb/s+ download and 3Mb/s+ upload. However, my computer crashed on Friday (4/20/2012) and uTorrent hasn't worked since.

When I run my proxy I get the "Proxy Connect Error: No Connection Could Be Made Because the Target Machine Actively Refused It". However, when I turn my proxy off, I get the error "Connection Closed by Peer". Not sure what's happening.

Can someone please help me?

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I have been using uTorrent for over a year along with TorrentPrivacy. I also have a VPN running before I begin any internet browsing. Lately, I have received proxy errors including The Target Machine Actively refused it.

I have upgraded to uTorrent Plus. When the application has loaded, I get an error message: Failed to download your Plus Licence key, could not obtain SSL Chunk Size. Another message: Failed to download your Plus Licence key. Proxy Connect error. No Connection Could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Although I have been using uTorrent for some time, I consider myself a novice. Please advise if this is an IP address error or something in my firewall?

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