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error: can't open .torrent file


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I'm using version 1.5.14.

After my computer restarts(turn off and back on) I have a red exclamation point next to my completed files and a message under status that says, error: can't open .torren file.

To get these to seed again I have to clear the list click add and re add the files not for downloading but just for seeding.

Kind of new to this. I checked the troubleshooting sticky and didn't find an answer.

Thanks for the help.

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I have the same issue! I moved everything from downloads to an external fw HD, change the prefs to the new location, worked normally and next day (next boot) all the files except 3, had the red sign with the (!) mark inside! mac osx 10.8.2, 1,8,2 utorrent. All the new (after the transfer) downloads seed fine. Any suggestion?

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