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uTorrent not in installed programs can not uninstall for clean install


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uTorrent is not in my installed programs and therefore cannot uninstall, it is in my program files and contains just the utorrent,exe file/program files/uTorrent/uTorrent.exe/ when I try to delete it I then have to download it but when i install it just pops up with all my settings as before. I wish to do a clean install and also have it actually installed and not just running, i'm currently having trouble downloading it will show seeds and peers but will not begin to download and will remain a yellow tick.

Status: downloading

Peers: none -but says 0(22)

Seeds: 0(29)

trackers working

this did work but now i get no connection, would like to clean install uTorrent to see if it helps but once again it isn't in the installed programs and cannot be uninstalled


any advice appreciated

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i seemed to have resolved my issue by downloading the 3.2 beta uTorrent is now listed in my programs but still will not download anything, that's a whole separate topic though.:|

in beta 3.2 the tick icon is gone when clicked it brings up setup guide and then it disappears again which is yellow by the way and earlier it was up and going

it says i am able to download though my port isn't open but anyways the trackers say working except for the one which says connection timed out. no dl speed at all the ETA has the ingenius infinity sign and nothing is happening though I have 0/39 peers and 0/28 seeds

any suggestions?:(

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