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The Ingenius ETA infinity sign,


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I have been using uTorrent for awhile on my wifi connection but today i am not getting any down speed at all. all the torrents have progress and i have peers and seeds, but the peer tab shows no peers and the column has this trend 0(57) seeds 0(68) but will not respond at all.

the first thing i think is that someone altered my hdd to cause this for i have not viruses. i usually get great speeds at this time of night, not slow, but nothing except for the infinity character.

will some one suggest something.

uTorrent wasn't in the list of programs and i couldn't perform a clean install until i dl the 3.2 beta and that issue is solved though i will not the tick icon is gone until it is in the setup guide

what will cause otherwise fast dl speed and now my torrents aren't responding

note, the trackers say working though tracker udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80 says connection timed out can that be my problem somehow?:|

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