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uTorrent /PERFORMSINSTALL 128 - uTorrent needs admin privilege to run


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After updating from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 the following error cropped up:

When starting under a normal user account the MS Vista User Account Control (UAC) asks for admin privileges.

After an Admin password is entered, all works fine though!

When asking for details in the UAC, the following command line is displayed:

"C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" /PERFORMSINSTALL 128 "C:\Program files\uTorrent" 3241854681

This also happens when a new link (on the desktop) is created containing only "C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe"

Searching the registry does not yield a string "PERFORMSINSTALL"

This is not a blocking error, but damn annoying! ;)

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Further info:

uninstalling uTorrent and re-installing (keeping settings) does not solve the problem.

PERFORMSINSTALL is a string not present in any of the files in the %APPDATA%\uTorrent directory either... :rolleyes:

Oh yeah: the upgrade to 3.1.3 was done from a normal user account! :P

Further update:

Full search of hard drive did not locate string "PERFORMSINSTALL" (excluding EXE/DLL/SYS/... files)

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This also happens in Win 7. Possibly a bug, because:

1. I've only noticed this behaviour in last 2 months approximately;

2. the RunAsInvoker manifest is specified in uTorrent's code so it shouldn't happen? -Google for more info on this;

3. Applying the fix then unapplying the fix and the fix is still applied.

The fix (that works for me in the standard user account):

Run in compatibility mode. I ticked Windows 7 and uTorrent does not ask for elevation privileges. I unticked this and uTorrent still does not ask for elevation.

To apply compatibility mode:

right click uTorrent, select properties, select compatibility, then tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" (whichever Operating System is the most recent and which works for you).

Then click Apply and OK to close all windows.

Then once uTorrent runs without asking for elevation, close uTorrent and undo above fix.

I find this fix needs to be applied every time you install a newer uTorrent version.

So, install it as an admin instead?

I always install every app (including uTorrent) as an admin as I have a Software Restriction Policy set which requires elevation if the .exe is not in certain folders.

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uTorrent 3.2 build 27568

This happens again.

Program require self-start with admin privileges.

If u can elevate to admin, program installed in ADMIN registry area. ‘coz only one right solution is^

1. Create real administrator account (if you haven’t – forget about it)

2. Temporary log-off your session

3. Temporary login with administrator accout

4. Go to control panel – Administrative tools – Computer management

5. Find local “users and groups” and find your user account in users

6. Temporary add your user to admin group

7. Switch user to your user account

8. Update/install new version of uTorrent

9. Check – this starting normally

10. Log-off your user session

11. Return in administrator account, and remove your user account from administrators

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