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Uncooperative Leeches


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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so my apologies in advance if it's wrong.

Lately, I'm getting a bit very frustrated with the people leechers who are downloading the torrents I uploaded. It seems like most, if not all, of them are deliberately setting their clients to download sequentially and upload minimally. And the worst part is, as soon as those leeches complete their download, they disappear into thin air. So as the initial seeder, I'm being forced to seed endlessly, which is very, very annoying. I've tried several ways to combat this but nothing works.

Initial Seeding - I tried this first. Ended up everyone became stuck.

ipfilter.dat - I'm not too keen to use this because of the large number of leeches and because I don't want to waste time and energy monitoring the torrents 24/7.

Leaving the swarm before availability becomes 1.0 - When I returned the next day, everything is almost the same. Those leeches merely got 5%-6% more from trading with each other. And guess what? The file size is just 224MB. split into 900 256kB pieces.

Leaving the swarm after 2 seeds - 1.5 day later, those leechers will post on the torrent thread "Plleeaassee seed." "Plleeaassee continue to seed." "We are ssttuucckk at x%." ~~~

To be honest, I'm getting totally sick of it. Is there something else I can do to improve this situation? Just asking here before I decide whether to call it quits or not. :/

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Joining a private tracker means that I cannot quit when I want to. I've to stay and seed until an absurd ratio like 6 or 10. So how is that different from being stuck?

Anyway, as my friend said, "It's their loss, not mine." I'll put up in my signature that I'd leave the moment 5 seeds are created. Then it's up to them to "share" it with each other. They can nag and whine all the way to Hell for all I care. :(

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