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RSS is not working at 3.1.3


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I've been testing the RSS feeds with various sites and they've been updating and auto downloading on my end without a problem....

I should mention though sometimes the uploaders add periods (.) in the torrent titles and adding ? and/or * filters help.

ex: Two.Broke_Girls would be Two?Broke?Girls*

Another thing to check is the rss url itself.

The TPB feed should be with a .se ....And make sure the torrent is directly linked.

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Thank you for your response Beasly.

TPB is not working for me at all, the feed is not getting anything since I last updated to the 3.1.3.

I'm 100% that is not the uploaders nor the TPB's feed, since I have downgraded my Utorrent and all comes back to live again.

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