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Tracker status "HTTP Error 404" in v3.1


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I am a seasoned uploader on one particular torrent site with over 1,100 ups, but my technical knowledge is novice at best. Any ideas or suggestions here will be appreciated.

My uTorrent version is 3.1.2 (build 26773), OS Windows 7, Web Internet Explorer 9.


When I tried to upload my first torrent since November 2011 about one week ago, the tracker for that particular torrent site showed a status of "HTTP Error 404." I understand that it's a common error, but is this coming from my end or the torrent site's end?


* Consulted FAQs and Help forums here and at the torrent site -- couldn't find a post relating to my particular issue.

* Checked the torrent site's tracker address for errors -- it was correct and current.

* Deleted the .torrent file and re-created it half a dozen times using the same process, settings, computer, operating system, etc. as with my last successful upload 6 months prior -- the tracker status error remained the same.

* Checked the size of the .torrent file (~12Kb), number of files (11) and size of folder being uploaded (~600Mb) -- according to what I've read, these are all OK.

* Because I upload to only one site, I'm unsure whether or not the torrent would work elsewhere.

* Downloads from the torrent site work, download, and seed perfectly.

My post to the forum of the torrent site about this issue has yielded not one single reply over the last five days, which makes me curious about the complexity of my problem: is it too complicated or have I overlooked one silly little thing that no one wants to point out to me.

Thank you for your time, as well as any idea or suggestion that might help me resume the charitable work of sharing information to the masses.

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