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uTorrent Auto extractor/ movie info downloader


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As the title suggests: I wrote a uTorrent Auto Extractor which will extract rar files/ copy BDMV/ Video_TS folders and download Movie Info (create a movie nfo file with IMDB URL in them), download folder.jpg, extrathumbs and trailer (if available in TMDB).

I have tried EMM and so many other programs out there but nothing did what I wanted which is

1. *lightweight* with no bells and whistles, extract my torrent files, also download movie info. quickly.

2. Download the right movie, images and trailer based on google and imdb results

the application ute.exe can operate in two ways:

1. Kicked Off from utorrent:

a. Go to UTorrent preferences and add (C:\ute\ute.exe "%L" "%D" "%F"). Change your ute location.

b. When adding a torrent make sure you edit the folder name to match the movie name. c

c. Add a Label that matches the label in the settings.ini (default: Movies)

d. Thats it! when the download completes the ute will extract your files or folders based on uTorrent parameters to the specified target folder and download all the info including trailer.

2. Once a context menu is added, the context menu will let you download right from windows explorer.

The zip file contains 6 files,

1. Settings.ini (Do this first!. this is self explanatory. fill in your target and download folder details. any questions please ask!)

2. TheMovieDB.dll (TMDB downloader)

3. ute.exe

4. MovieInfo_ContextMenu (Use this exe to register ute.exe for windows explorer right click context menu )

5. BatchRun.bat (this will download movie info for for a given folder by taking its subfolder names.)

6. Read me (this text)

Also credits go to IMDB scraper and TMDB Wrapper for their respective work. Please test it before you use as it!

Thanks and hope this helps someone and sorry for the crappy documentation, i know i suck at it! :-)


Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?w4c32k8offjp1cu

youtube link for context menu demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTiLw8yUlv8

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