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How can I finish my upload file faster


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I use the "initial seeding feature" but I think it does't work

With this fuction i finish my work with upload 150% or more

Like last time, my file is 4 G but i have to seed about 6 G to finish it

(200 leachers)

What setting or program can make it be 110 - 120% ?

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I do not think a ratio value will due it for you. You could upload 1.5 * the size of the file and yet still not upload the entire data file. Initial seeder should keep seeding until there are a specific number of seeders.

An example would be a multi-file torrent with 10 files of equal size (1024MB). 15GB would mean 1.5 ratio. But if the leechers download in file order (their priority) and you have 30 leechers then you would reach your ratio when they only have half of the data (assuming they all started at the same time). So, I just do not think a ratio would be what you want to use. I guess you can limit the number of leechers to help insure you upload the entire file - but again it would be hit or miss. Leechers leave, new ones start during your upload and the entire torrent may still not be uploaded. So go for the number of seeders.

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