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Change DHT port?


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My network has a direct Internet feed going into a NetScreen NS-25 firewall. Since we only have a single external IP, the NS25 is doing whatever NAT, PAT, firewall, DHCP, etc that we need.

My wife and I both want to run uTorrent for different things on our own computers. I can change the uTorrent port in the GUI to set the incoming port differently on each computer and have the NS25 port forward it to the correct computer. That works great.

However, I don't see any way of changing the DHT port from 50321, and I can't have a single port forwarded to multiple computers (wow, what a mess that would be). So, only one of us at a time can use uTorrent and I have to log into the NS25 to change which computer the DHT port is forwarded to.

This is less than ideal.

Is there any way of changing the DHT port that uTorrent uses, so I can have them both running?

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