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Asynchronous download range


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It would be awesome if there was a feature that allowed the user to define a range of files in a torrent to download one at a time.

I find myself setting all the files in a torrent to "Don't Download" and then one-by-one changing the priority to download each file.

It would be great if range of files could be selected to download asynchronously one after the other.

Another addition could be a block size, so if set to say 5, five files would download at a time and then it would move on to the next five files in the range.

Thanks for taking the time to read my request!

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I've just been doing this by setting the main files with high priority, then some with normal then the rest with low. This works pretty well. It keeps the dling up if I forget but it also does force it to download what you want. But I also want a more automated system.

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